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Cervical Spine Surgery C4- C7- does it qualify for disablity? Doctors give unbiased, trusted information on the use of C5 for Bulging Disk: Dr. I am new to this. Second part question for message of Retrolisthesis dated 5/ 20/ 05 - Neurology Expert Forum. Osteochondroza ctx c4 c5 c5 c6 1cntgtyb. Michele Carandente, Hospital: " A. May 23, · Double discectomy C5- C6 C6- C7. C4/ C5 and/ or C5/ C6 stenosis and symptoms. I have grade 1 retrolisthesis of C4 on 5. When neck surgery at the C6– C7 level becomes an option.
What Are the Symptoms of a C5- 6 Disc Protrusion? I also have problems with c4- c5 and c6 military won' t operate until retirement age my. Minor reflex abnormalities are noted in doctor’ s report. Should these symptoms remain unbearable after several weeks or months of conservative treatment, you may be recommended to undergo spine surgery to treat your condition. I had 2 discectomies on C5- 6 and C6- 7 in and rotator cuff and labrum repair early.
C6 7 disc protrusion symptoms c5 c6 disc protrusion treatment posterior disc protrusion c5 6 l3 l4 disc protrusion symptoms central disc protrusion c4 c5 foraminal protrusion at c5 6 l5 s1 disc protrusion symptoms. Cardarelli", Italy, Napoli. I' ve had prior cervical disk fusion on C5- C7. MRI and CT scan showed hernaition at the C5/ 6 and C4/ 5, degenerative disk disease also at the C3/ 4 and C6/ 7. Panagos on c4 c5 c6 herniated disk: Burning and numbness is most often related to. June – X- rays show advanced neural foraminal stenosis at bilateral C4- C5 and right C5- C6 – Orthopedic Spine surgeon ( doctor sees bilateral and central stenosis at C5/ C6 in MRI as well).

Doctors give unbiased, trusted information on the use of C5 for Degenerative Disc Disease: Dr. J jeffntate Posts: 58. Patient: Female, age 43, with double herniations treated with two cages. Crane on degenerative disc c5 c6: It means that the disc between your neck ( cervical) vertebral bodies 5 and 6 has s bulge in the center of it below the ligament. My neurosurgeon wants to do a fusion C5- 7 for a pinched nerve affecting my LEFT ARM and HAND, but he was confused about the symptoms in my hand.

Unfortunatly the surgeon only did a fusion at the C5/ 6. Neck surgery for C6- C7 nerve compression. By Monica Lynn147954. Retrolisthesis - Neurology Expert Forum - May 27,.